We Did It! The Presentation of Learning | TME Project #6

We did it! We had our Presentation of Learning, where everyone shared their final projects! In addition to presenting, I also got to see lots of other projects, which were all fantastics! There was a really diverse range of projects, ranging from eBook resources to a resource about making your own instrument! I’m so so proud of everyone and their projects, and you can check out everyone else’s project here.

In my presentation, I briefly outlined the different ways you could use the different devices to generate building blocks for a simple House/EDM style composition, using the different Max for Live devices i investigated while creating my website.

Overall, I was super impressed by everyone’s projects – there were a lot of other Ableton projects as well! Lara did a version of 3 producers flip the same sample, Matt made a bounce pirate EDM track, and Nick also did some remixing!

Lara’s remix of Never Look Away by Vienna Teng!

There were also some other really cool projects – Lucy and Larisa made different instruments from materials you can find anywhere in the spirit of the maker movement, and honestly, this was really well done!

There were also quite a few eBooks that were created! There were lots of picture books, children’s guide to the orchestras, and a special mention to Jess who wrote a book (and composed a soundtrack) to introduce the instruments of the concert band!

I really wished that I’d been able to see everyone presenting their projects! All in all, I’m really proud of everyone and their efforts.

If you want to see more projects, you can check them out here!

AAAAAND THAT’S A WRAP! Thank you to all of you readers for following my tech in music ed journey! While I won’t spam everyone with content on a weekly basis, I’ll still continue to post here and there, on any topic of music ed that interests me! If there are other areas of music ed that you would like me to write about, leave it in the comments below.


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